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Don’t throw in the towel on tidying up your laundry room.

1. Hang an aesthetically pleasing drying rack, like this leather and gold design.

Photo: Pinterest

2. Add a narrow utility sink for handwashing clothes or scrubbing out pesky stains.

Photo: yellowprairieinteriors/Instagram

3. Install a space-saving barn door in lieu of a hinged door.

Photo: cleanslate_designreno/Instagram


 4. Corral laundry detergent, dryer sheets and stain removers in woven storage baskets.

Photo: insidethe1six4/Instagram

5. Utilize vertical storage, such as these affordable IKEA PAX wardrobe units.

Photo: jessicawellinginteriors/Instagram

6. Embrace a bright and airy color palette to make the space seem larger than it is.

Photo: mindygayerdesign/Instagram

7. Install a butcher block countertop over the washer and dryer for easy folding.

Photo: adventuresofsweetmeadow/Instagram

8.Opt for closed storage to reduce visual clutter.

Photo: erin_sunnysideup/Instagram

9. Make use of dead space by rolling in a skinny utility cart.

Photo: organizationrules/Instagram

10. Invest in a slide-out ironing board so you’ll never have to hear that shrill squeaking noise again.

Photo: spaziocloset/Instagram

11. Or add pull-out cabinet organizers to access cleaning supplies with ease.

Photo: abundanceorganizing/Instagram

12. Dress up the walls with decor rather than valuable work surfaces.

Photo: the.painted.piano/Instagram

13. Take advantage of the backs of laundry closet doors.

Photo: carommchic/Instagram

14. Choose wall-mounted taps if you’re short on counter space.

Photo: pocket.of.our.home/Instagram

15. And finally, swap out branded packaging for sleek glass containers.

Photo: simple.loving.home/Instagram


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