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Halifax inches closer to demolition of Cogswell Interchange

By Geordon Omand Metro Halifax

FOR METRO/Devaan Ingraham The Cogswell Interchange.

Halifax is one step closer to eradicating the Cogswell Interchange.

Two studies are complete and being finalized for presentation to regional council on how to go about demolishing and developing the interchange, long a lightning rod for debate in the city.

The studies—a technical report and a market analysis—look at both what could go into that space and whether the project would pull development away from other areas, said Jane Fraser, the city’s director of planning and infrastructure.

The Cogswell Interchange, known by many as the “road to nowhere,” was built in the 1960s and intended as part of a never-completed harbor expressway. City officials and the public have been debating its demolition for more than a decade.

“(The) next step will be to take the two studies that were done, to present them to council and to seek direction,” said Fraser.

“We don’t know what we’re going to do,” said Mayor Mike Savage. “This report will give us a sense of what’s possible and we’ll figure out where to go.”

“I’m really excited to see whether we can get right to taking down the street,” said Waye Mason, councillor for downtown Halifax.

Mason, whose downtown district encompasses the ill-fated mass of concrete, said he hopes the project is rolled out in stages over 10 to 15 years.

“I don’t think we put all those 16 acres on the lot at once and say, ‘Bam—here it is,’” said Mason.

“Hopefully the stars line up and we can talk about taking down the interchange in the next construction season, 2015.”

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