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Before Listing Your Home Checklist

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You have probably heard how important first impressions can be. But did you know that within the first 15 seconds of a viewing, a buyer can form their opinion of your property? Establishing the right first impression is critical to achieving a successful sale.

Consider how you may have personalized your home over the years and think about whether personal touches may have a negative impression on a potential buyer. A buyer must be able to visualize themselves living in your home - too many personal statements may not allow a potential buyer to see how their family will settle in.

A little preparation can often bring you a higher sale price and a quicker sale! Is your home ready? Use this handy checklist to help you begin to get your home ready to show!

Clean and Store

Store all bikes, toys and equipment out of sight.
Get rid of unnecessary furniture.
Clean closets and clear off countertops.
Scrub all tile floors.
Clean all carpets.
Clean all windows and mirrors.
Clean stains in all sinks and tubs.


Fix leaky faucets.
Replace missing door or cabinet handles.
Fix or replace broken appliances.
Replace broken tiles in bathroom or kitchen.
Paint if necessary.
Discuss major repairs with your Realtor®.

Freshen Up

Stop smoking in the house.
Bathe pets and clean out litter boxes.
Empty all trash, recycle bins, etc.
Dry-clean drapes and shampoo carpets.
Use baking soda boxes in smell-prone areas.
Place flowers, potpourri or air fresheners around the house.

Ask a "buyer"

Invite a friend to walk through your home like a buyer would. Get their opinion on whether or not it's inviting, clean and well-maintained. Consider making any changes they suggest.



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