First Home Purchase Preparation
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Moving can be very stressful between packing up your house and making sure you've cancelled utilities, provided forwarding addresses and obtained all the necessary records you'll need. To make your move easier, here's a moving checklist to ensure you cover all your bases.

1) Cancel utilities - Thirty days prior to moving make sure you notify utility companies (water, electric, gas, telephone, Internet, cable TV, water heater) of your move. Let them know when they need to be disconnected and where final bills should be sent.

2) Change of address - Provide your new address to the post office, subscriptions, neighbours, friends, family, newspapers and any other relevant organizations that require a current address.

3) Pets - To ensure your pets don't get lost during the move, change your address and phone number on their licenses.

4) Notify insurance companies - Make sure the companies handling your health, auto, life and home owners insurance all have your new address.

5) Obtain important records - Ask your doctor, dentist or other healthcare practitioners for your family's records. Also request your children's school records to take to the new school that they'll be attending.

6) Banking - Transfer your bank accounts to a new location and take out anything you might have stored in a safety deposit box.

7) Compile information for future homeowners - Put together all the information on the home that would prove useful for the new homeowners such as warranties, floor plans, instruction manuals and keys.

8) Personal ID - You'll need to update your personal ID such as driver's license, car registration, health card and credit cards.

9) Book your moving company - Don't leave booking your moving company to the last minute, especially in the busiest moving months of spring and summer.

These are just some basic guidelines that will help you get where you need to go quicker for your big move.  If you require further clarification and assistance, contact our team at or call (902) 830-9006 and we will help you get moving into your new home!


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