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Switching brands is harder than you think!

Think of where we live: Halifax with its illustrious scenery and beautiful cultures coming together to call our home.

Your home.

BNea1GlCcAA-QfL.jpg largeJust like a logo on a t-shirt or an emblem on the hood of a car, identities can be discovered and transferred all over the place; an identity that is found between a person and the place that they are from can be stronger than any other force out there. We have that proud identity. It’s hard to convince someone to switch or leave their favourite shoe company for an unknown company; or worse yet, a company that once had a tarnished reputation. There is a very distinct car company that has taken the time to cater their product and brand to their loyal clients’ needs and wants—they have developed a vehicle to meet each stage of their life. We develop an attachment, a trust, a relationship.

This regional pride is a reflection that which extends greater than a tangible product that can be purchased off a shelf; it’s a lifestyle. Ranging from food, to music, to cultures, to homes—we are here to stay.

In a recent study, people actually have favourite real estate companies. This implies: stick to what you know! Furthermore, just because a home is available to you through different companies, it doesn’t mean randomly choosing one of them is the only way to purchase your new home. The study suggests that due to the regulations and company standards, the positivity is having a lasting effect on their clients. These home buyers and home sellers are committed to their favourite real estate company because of their need for a repeat experience. And that’s something to be proud of!

BP9O-kzCcAAaEk8.jpg largeRandomly search Halifax in any search engine and tell us you don’t see something exciting! All of those watery views and iconic landmarks, beaches and getaways that do not require more than 30 minutes of travel outside of the city’s core. We are truly privileged to live in such a breathtaking province when the seasons change we are able to experience the majestic nature that defines us.

Nature reflecting society. That is hard to find. Here in Halifax, we can say that with pride. Multicultural, multi-colourful. That’s exciting!

You’re home.




If you have questions, or want advice on Buying or Selling a home, get in touch with The Bagogloo Team of RE/MAX nova by email at or call 902-830-9006.



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